What you need to know about Echi’ja ( cultural festival)


Ech’Ija Cultural Festival
What is Echi’Ija?
In direct translation from Idoma to English, Ech’Ija means, “The Day of Play”. This is not that far-fetched from what this movement is about.
Ech’Ija Cultural Festival is a coming together of Idoma people (and other tribes living within the land) to celebrate our common heritage in Idomaland through our masquerades (traditional and urban), dance, play and all form of entertainment that we have evolved and created over the decades.
There are other cultural fiestas in our land but Ech’Ija is unique because of its inclusiveness of all the other tribes that live and share our commonwealth with us in our land. In 2019, we saw masquerades and dance performances by our people and from other cultures and this will continue this year as well.

Why Ech’Ija?
Ech’Ija is a child of multiple meetings designs and conception that began since 2005. It was finally unleashed to a glorious reception in Otukpo in 2019 and the rest is history.

Ech’Ija cultural festival is an opportunity for all Idoma people and those living within our land to celebrate our cultural heritage, our commonwealth as people who have drank the “enyi’ and eaten the “ona” of the land.

Ech’Ija This Year …
Echija in 2020 is going to take a different shape as series of activities are been added to the event. They will be an old school picnic on the 27th of December 2020, the old school picnic will be featuring some of our old activities,like the old school dressing,old school hair styles etc. This is aimed at restoring the glory of the old for this generation to tape from, while the road procession is on the 28th of December. Keep a date with us and you will never regret it

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