Echi’ja theme song by YBG


Echi’ja Festival promotes diversity, it brings neighbors to dialogue, they increase creativity, they create opportunities for civic pride, they improve our general psychological well-being, in short , they makes cities better place to lives .That’s what Echija cultural reunion is all about,Feast and festival are catalyst for achieving reconciliation, communal/ national peace.I propose to all son’s and daughters of Idoma to key into this exceptional cultural festival.We can seize this opportunity to reorientate our young people who are prone to be harvested and used by charlatans in privilege places as destructive tools.I am deeply convinced that this festival can be a platform that Idoma traditional council can key into and use as crisis resolve mechanism in stampeding the innumerable Lacuna impeding communal fraternity in idomaland .

The young Boss Gang have decided to to come up with a theme song for the echija 2020 event and this song is a blast . download and share, and don’t forget to drop your comments

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