Dear Men, If You Can’t Satisfy Her, Get Up And Leave


Most ladies like exchanging words with their guys even when it is not due. This is what you face when you are a cool or a calm guy and unfortunately you came across the most hot tempered lady in the world.A lot of ladies are full of that temptation habits. Even if you are not in the mood for an argument or a fight, they try to find any means just to get your attention. Avoid such girls. I repeat, avoid such girls. If not you may end up engaging yourself into something you never wished for.To have a long lasting relationship with her, always ignores her when ever there is trouble. I meant, when there comes and issue which you know would probably end up in a fight, just take yourself a leave outside the house to a friend’s place or the beach side or anywhere that you can get a refreshment. This is what a gentleman like you should do. Some ladies usually get into your nerves intentionally to see how self controlling you are. Do not fall a victim into their tricks. A gentleman is the one who does not and will never lay a finger on her woman no matter how annoying she is. Though, it is hard to overcome this temptations, you should always be focused. Any man who lays his hands on a woman is considered less a man. If you do not want to loose that title as a man, never lay your finger on your woman.I know that from your heart, you truly love her and your greatest fear in life is losing her. But she keeps nagging. Sit her up and talk to her, she will probably change with time.Your thoughts can be shared in the comment section below. And also do not forget to follow my page by tapping on the follow button so you don’t miss any of my updates.

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