He died In Vain” – Check Out How A Guy Dies On Top Of A Prostitute During Intercourse In Lagos


Unemployment in Nigeria is alarming and the most affected people are women and youths, what is your take on this? Would you say women are not prepared for unforeseen circumstances or things happen suddenly?Reported lately, as confirmed by the SaharaReporters, The Lagos State Police Command has confirmed the death of the young man who died during Intercourse with a Prostitute at a hotel in the Surulere area of the state.Picture is for illustrative purpose onlyThe problem is not about women or the future or the country. Frankly speaking, the jobs are not there. Now that this man died during Intercourse with a prostitute what will he say to God about this?Furthermore, according to the police report, Okeke “died on top of one Sandra, ” a commercial s£x worker at the Exclusive Mansion Hotel on Ayilara Street in the area.

An investigation occur, the police report that when Sandra, however, discovered that Okeke had died during the Intercourse, she sneaked out. She contacted two security men in the hotel, Ottah Nduka and Aliu Tiwalola, to smuggle the corpse out of the premises.We all know, that police are the government workers who are suppose to protect our society from any kind of danger, harassment, assaulting, rape and any other criminals acts, unfortunately, the police did their very best to ensure that the people involved this crime were arrested. This man has died for nothing, he has no excuse because he died during Intercourse with a Prostitute, this is a criminal offense.What do have to say over how this young boy died during an Intercourse? ? Or do think the decision that the Prostitute made which is sneaking out of the hotel is the best thing to do? ?Source: SaharaReporters, lindaikeji blogDo you think God will forgive this guy who died during Intercourse with a prostitute? ? Let’s hear from you in the comment section below.

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