Hon. Joseph Ojobo sue for peace in Oju Local Government


LET THERE BE PEACE BECAUSE PEACE IS SUPREMERt Hon. Joseph Ojobo wish to plead with the warring community of Oju Local Government Area of Benue state.Honourable Jospeh in his speech said peace is one of the greatest Gift God have given to man right from creation and man in return have used his hands to distroy this peace,which have resulted in the troubles we experience today in our world.He therefore plead with every community involved in the fight in Oju Local Government to please drop their arms as peace is what every one needs at this time.He further advise the communities involved in the fight that On every level humans are in dire need of peace. Peace is linked with love for another. Love for others: whoever they are, whatever the way they want to live, whatever the way they want to spend the time span of their life allotted them by God. Living in peace and harmony have been what the igede community is known for and they is need to retain that name as it adds value to the socio-cultural and well-being of the people.He finally urge the youths to stay away from every social vices capable of tarnishing the image of the egede people as the have contributed so much into the present democracy and challenged the youth to be good ambassadors of the Igede people by supporting those in authority through peaceful living..

Yours sincerely Jospeh OjoboI am ebony naijamedia

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