To whom it may concern_I am not seeking any sponsorship with my latest song_meddy


Meddy a Benue Rap Icon is saddened with a recent propaganda post making waves about him calling out idoma elites to help talents in Benue State.

Speaking with some of the indigenous media house in Benue state,meddy pointed out that, he feels the time is right for the youths to begin to ask questions, because nothing seems to be going fine,we have millions of graduates who have little or nothing to fall back to, and we have people who are highly placed in government and have refused to do anything to support some of this talents. He made it clear that he is not out to seek for sponsorship of any kind for his brand but just to send a simple message that is capable of uplifting the souls of some of our elites.
He said the so called Lagos hustlers who claim that the hustles are surposed to be made outside,always fall back to this red dusty city during festive period to pick money from this so called elites. I have this question to ask,if the home is not secured enough will you remember coming home to pick from anyone?

Let’s be guilded with how we politicize things ,nobody is big enough for his or herself,we all need somebody. Our success and growth are always tied to someone,don’t think you have the right connections so every other person’s should be treated as trash.

I have had reports and have also witness when some of this so called Lagos artist come into town and want to be worship like God by the home based artist,the home base artist hardly get shows to showcase their talents,this is what we are fighting.

Whosoever feels my music is like a way of calling him or her out should do the right thing and stop propagating his or herself around like a roaring lion.

This questions must continue and we demand answers if you are not comfortable with it then sit up..

All of us the hustle for our own lane,no come the do like say na u hustle pass my brother. No come dey do pass yourself,this hustle na labour room na only God know wetn we carry for belle

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  1. Well spoken dear, this potholes no be our bus-stop surely we’ll get to our destination, Oluwa gat your back always

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