The Silence is No More Golden; Let Your Actions Speak


Since the creation of Benue as a State in 1976 till date, the Benue South Senatorial Zone is yet to have the consideration for governance.

Considering all the democratic dispensations, it is glaring that the ruling political class at every point concedes to taking the office of the Deputy Governor; an office that have become the highest political fit a man from zone C can attain.

The spread of 14 LGA’s of zone A and B that have enjoyed natures gift of tribal homogeneity as against 9LGA’s in zone C has posed as the greatest undoing of the Benue south.

Unfortunately, it is rather painful as a ypunger generation that a “plastic” approach is being used in the pursuit of the drive for a zone C governor.

The building of secret cords as a an alternative by a lot of our political elites, the deliberate silence by the appointive and elective political class at the face of the burning desire of our dear people of Zone C is rather unfortunate.

At a time when the whole world is frowning against marginalisation of any kind, it is unfortunate that many of our leaders are lackadaisical towards the subject of a zone C governor.

The Ochetoha K’Idoma Youth Wing World wide wish to state at this point that “the Silence of our political elites, stakeholders, appointive and elective political office holders is no more golden.

We demand a direction as we shall not sit and watch Complacency as regards sacrosanct issues that border on our future as a generation.

We wish to state as follows;

  1. that the Benue Rebirth Movement have so far done very well in the coordination of activities and maintained the steam for the project “Zone C Governor 2023”.
  2. that we demand an active class of the ruling political class of the Zone C people to come out across party lines as this silence is no more golden.
  3. that every one who is interested in running for governorship under any party platform especially the PDP, APC, APGA, Labour Party and NDC which in the last election secured political office in the state makes his or her declaration to run for governorship on or before the end of August 2021 so as to give room for harmonization of interest as a house divided against it self will not stand.
  4. that every elected political office holder who continually shy away from publicly speaking about the Zone C Governorship shall be perceived as an agent of sabotage and the law of retribution shall hold sway especially for those seeking reelection at any level.
  5. that in view of (4) above, a committee will be inaugurated to attend political gatherings, church services, Marriages and other public event to feed the national secretariat back on the positions of our elected office holders from zone C on their reflective or non reflective utterance of zone C governorship in their speech; Only appointees are absented.
  6. that Zone C youths shall not release in the projection of the Benue Zone C Governorship 2023 and shall stay the course till the end.

We therefore call on the political class of the zone to “Stand Up” to this task else there may be no legacy to leave behind.

In view of the current realities, the Ochetoha K’Idoma Youth Wing(World Wide ) shall be reorganizing the Zone C youths via different platforms so as to drive the narrative from all perspective.

Keep in mind that “there is no regiment of army that can change an idea whose time is come” as it is time for a Zone C Governor.

Amangla A wet u! Aluta Continua!

Comrade Obande Gideon Obande
President, Ochetoha K’Idoma Youth Wing (World Wide).

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