The consultation team of the Deputy Governor honourable Benson Abounu led by his Committee of Friends, visited the Benue Zone B today at the state Secretariat of the People’s Democratic Party.

The Zonal Chairman of the great Party Mr James mbakorlumun Chia welcomed all the Entourage and the party delligates to the Secretariat. He also welcome the Deputy Governor H.E BENSON ABOUNU and the Governor hopeful of Benue State to the all important occasion.

The Deputy Governor H.E BENSON ABOUNU thanked all the party EXCOS present and also the members of the committee of Friends. He said he is back home today because since 1990 he became a member of Zone B and he is always proud to identify with everyone in the Zone. He said him coming to meet the Zone today is to make his intentions Known to the Zone. The Deputy Governor whose profile and wealth of experience is endless, made some facts about himself known to the people. He pointed out that with his wealth of Experience even in the present administration, he is qualify to take the State to an enviable heights. He also thanked GOVERNOR Samuel Ortom for always standing out against the fight against the herdsmen. It has not been an easy fight but with strategies and capacity they have unanimously managed this and so the state should be handed over to somebody who can continue from this good deeds because if given a little space this men will still fall back to devour the state. But with the tuttorlage of The Governor he is capable to manage and succeed wholeheartedly. He also Pledge to always give whatsoever belongs to the TIV Brothers and sister to them if given the opportunity.

Responding to the speech given by the Deputy Governor is Dr Jechira, he in thesame way welcomed the delligates and the Entourage to the occasion. He went further to thank the Deputy Governor for the massive support he have been giving to the Governor. He said he is representing the people of Minda in Zone B , and the people have asked him to tell the Deputy Governor that at any point their services is needed they are always ready to walk to work with him. He concluded that as he continues with the consultation, He pointed out that his credentials are worth being a Governor and may God always make the right decision for the state he concluded.

Also responding is Dr Laha Dzever representing Jengbah in Zone B, he said the deputy GOVERNOR is a reknown person as far as Zone B is concern, and have worked tirelessly with the Governor to attain this height. He concluded by saying that nobody knows who will eventually save Benue State and so the request and consultation is not out of place. And prayed that the Good Lord grant him success in his endeavors.

The Zonal Chairman Mr James mbakorlumun also responded to the Deputy Governor’s speech, he described the Deputy Governor as a popular person and advice him to be deligent in his findings.

Given a vote of thanks Chief Mrs Rebecca the Honourable Commissioner said she is a colleague of the Deputy Governor right from day one. She pointed out that a good products doesn’t need advertisement and the Deputy Governor is a good product. She said speaking unbehalf of the women, that minority is never barrier and they is need for a power shift in 2023. She added that for his giant stride’s with the Governor he is worthy of anything good Benue State can offer.

Elder Charles made a closing prayer and commits everyone who came from far and near into Gods hands.

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