Is kissing during sex important? Can someone have sex without kissing?


Fact: While it might be OK that your partner doesn’t kiss you during sex, if it bothers you, then it’s very important to speak up. Be open to discussing the problem together, with a therapist if needed. Problems in the bedroom are very common in relationships but can be helped through open dialogue and, sometimes, mediation in the form of couples therapy. However, if your partner won’t kiss you during sex, there may also be an underlying issue that shouldn’t be ignored.

There can be many reasons why your partner doesn’t kiss you during sex. Research has found that men in general often care less about kissing than women do. Kissing during sex may also be awkward. Your partner may feel that some less-than-sexy behaviors like grunting or sweating will be a turn-off to you and so may forgo trying to kiss completely. #MakingLove

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