An Open Love letter to Oturkpo/Ohimini Federal constituents




Permit me to use this medium to glorify God the maker of all mankind and specially extend my greetings to all and party loyalist of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for the love and unconditional empathy in engaging with all honesty to liberate Nigeria come 2023 by the special grace of God.

After due consultations and considerations to birth a New Nigeria where “the son of Nobody can become somebody” as I also is a testimony to this phrase. I have joined forces with others who believe in the greatness of Nigeria as the giant of Africa to birth the “NEW ORDER”. I publicly made my aspiration known to the great people of Oturkpo/Ohimini to run for the sit of the House of Representative in the Hallow Green Chamber of the National Assembly under the platform of PDP as a party loyalist come 2023.

May I also use this medium to briefly state reasons I will be running in the forthcoming elections, and reasons why “THIS LIBERATION MANDATE” is non negotiable!

I am current about the political space of our constituency, State and the Federal level. I am also aware about the priorities and peculiarities of our constituency which is lack of servant leadership. This has made me to engage passionately in changing the narrative regarding the leadership problems faced by our constituents which I cannot negotiate.

The Hallow Chamber is not and should not be limited to being a philanthropist but about good and sustainable representation as a servant leader and not a ruler.

May I also use this medium to intimate all and sundry that over the years in our constituency many have hidden under the Cape of philanthropism and denied our people the benefits of good representation. I have come to change such narrative which cannot be negotiated.

So, contesting this election means changing the narrative of myopic representations of our people by making them sell their mandate via material things shared during campaigns rather than human capacity development and strategic repositioning of our constituency in the global space in times of advancement.

I have been on this task ever since and by the special grace of God we shall not return to Egypt this time as a new order is on the rise in our constituency and I shall sustain it by taking the lead as one with knowledge and continue to seek knowledge towards the advancement of our people.

May I make some clarifications as regarding the rumour or rather propaganda making rounds that I Hon. Oche Joseph, C.E.O G12 Foundation has agreed to negotiate this mandate not to run for the sit of House of Representative come 2023 due to the event held last week by our great party hosting decamped members from other parties.

I want to make it clear that nothing of such will/has happened as I am fully in the race and prepared for any tune the race will compose.

It is undoubtedly visible to all the reality of the ruling party which has forced true change makers to return to our great party PDP which is an umbrella for all.

I was present to receive as many that decamped last week and celebrated the foreseen victory come 2023 not just for our party but the people in general.

I want to intimate my structures and supporters that this race is divine and it’s orchestrated by Elohim himself and it will deliver in due time, for it shall not lie.

Let’s keep building stamina as a form of political exercise come 2023 because this faith will deliver.

I am fully ready for the liberation of Oturkpo/Ohimini… are you?

Take it to heart G12 is coming…!

Hon. Oche Joseph
On behalf of G12 Dynasty.

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