By Acheme Ogolekw…

Chief Udenyi, Alechenu Samuel was born to Mr and Mrs Udenyi, Iduh Bernard of Akpachi in the mid 80s. To fulfill the quest for education for him by his parents, he was enrolled into St Bernadette Nursery and Primary School, Ogobia between 1996 and 2001. In 2001, the then little Samuel was admitted into Government (Model) Secondary School, Otukpo. After diligently passing through the rigours of education in the school, he graduated in flying colours in 2007 where he obtained West African Examination Certificate (WAEC) and National Examination Council (NECO).

In 2011, Samuel gained admission into the prestigious Kogi State University. After the mandatory duration, he graduated with a BA Philosophy in 2015 from the department of Philosophy and Religious Studies. While in the school, he was the Secretary General of National Association of Idoma Students and later, Assistant Secretary General of National Union of Benue Students.

Chief Udenyi, Alechenu Samuel, is also known by many people to be the favorite grandchild of HRH Chief Johnson Idokpe Ameh, who ruled 1984-1994 as the Obande the 2nd Akpachi Ugboju-Egah. Which was his maternal grandfather and the most celebrated leader in Ugboju-Ega.

Chief Udenyi, Alechenu Samuel who is a private entrepreneur is a calm, reserved, welcoming and accommodating person.
The young Chief was inducted into league of Royal Chiefs as the OBANDE of Akpachi Ugboju-Ega the 4th, on 28th day of December, 2021 through an elaborate installation and coronation ceremony at Akpachi Ugboju. These makes him one of the youngest Beaded Traditional Ruler in Idoma kingdom….
May God give him the wisdom to pilot the affairs of his kingdom.

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