Youth council condemns hike in price of satchet water in Kogi


The National Youth Council of Nigeria, Kogi State Chapter, has condemned the hike in the price of a sachet of water in the state which rose from N10 to N20.

In a statement by the state chairman of NYCN, Usman Samuel Ogohi, the Council said that it sees the hike in price by the Association of Pure Water Producers as a sinister attempt to make life unbearable for the people of the state. It promised to resist the change in the price of the commodity.

Ogohi debunked the claims of the association that the rising cost of materials was the reason for the hike in the price of a sachet of pure water. He stated that the price of pure water in other states remained unchanged.

“We have on very good account through our networks in other states that the price of materials, mostly disposables needed in the production of pure water has remained constant in the past eight months.

“The price of sachet water in states such as Benue, Edo, Ondo, Ekiti and even Niger has remained constant,” he said.

The state chairman also asserted that the NYCN is aware of the move by the association to create artificial scarcity of the commodity in order to increase demand and “allow for their sinister price hike to stand.”

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