Ohimini is currently undergoing a birthing process. Its emergence as a new and potentially powerful Constituency will send shock waves globally. An essential player in this transition process is the youth.

Youths are the evolvers of economic, social, political, and cultural transformation and the drivers of change.

It is critically essential to re-educate every Nigerian on the role of the youths in the building and development of the nation.When young people are ostracised from political processes, they contribute little or nothing to influence political decisions.

A key outcome is the weakening of political systems’ representativeness. Ohimini youths must be engaged in formal political processes and have a say in formulating today’s and tomorrow’s politics to make a long-term difference.

Inclusive participation in politics is a fundamentally democratic and political right and is crucial to building stable and peaceful societies while developing policies that respond to the specific needs of the youths.

For the youths to be adequately represented in processes, political institutions, elections, and decision-making, they must know their rights and be empowered with capacity and knowledge to participate meaningfully at all levels.

In the long run, Ohimini will be repositioned as a global economic force. Recognition of the significance of youths, and the fact that Nigeria’s future is tied to their development, is an essential ingredient for our social, economic, and political stability.

OBOBOWU is setting this standards to harness the possible change in the Political, economic, Developmental, and Agricultural well-being of the People of Ohimini State CONSTITUENCY and in view of this strategies, we are calling on the youths,Man and women to join hands in 2023 so we can Deliver this mandate. Honourable Eric Adokwu is the only qualified candidate for Ohimini State Assembly

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