Abdulmalik Tanko paraded.

The suspected murderer of Hanifa Abubakar, who was revealed to be the proprietor of the school she attended has now opened up, sharing gory details of how he whisked her away and eventually ended her life.
Abdulmalik Tanko, the prime suspect in the murder case, narrated that he murdered little Hanifa by using rat poison, which he bought for N100, before burying her corpse with the aid of another suspect, Hashim Isyaku.
On the fateful day of her kidnap, he had been in a tricycle (Keke) when he picked her up. He took the toddler to his house, where he told his wife a lie about her, saying that she was the daughter of one of the ladies who worked at his school.
” I told my wife that her (Hanifa’ s) mother pleaded with us to keep the girl in our care for the next few days, as she was travelling, ” the suspect said. His unsuspecting wife bought the story and kept Hanifa in her home.
He later heard that when the parents of Hanifa went to get her from school, she mentioned a certain ” uncle. ” A few days later on the fifth day of her disappearance, some members of staff at the school.
He suspected that they might have been sent by the girl s parents to check if she was there. Fearing that he would be caught, he wanted to send her to another state, but then he changed his mind and chose to murder her instead.
At 11: 00 pm, he made some tea, which he drank part of. He put the remaining tea in an empty milk container. Then he bought the rat poison and mixed it with the tea. He woke Hanifa up and told her he was taking her to her uncle’ s home.
As they were walking on the road, he gave the poisoned drink to her, which she drank. But then he took her to the school, where she died before he buried her in the school.

Then he said he wanted to make something clear: As opposed to what people were thinking that it was a ritual killing, it wasn’ t. According to him, he buried her at his school because he could not find a secure place to dig a hole for the corpse