HON. PRINCE ONUH : A Treasure Too Good To Ignore.




For a political party to live up to the expectations of its people, there must be leaders strategically placed at various positions to drive the party’s vision.


As the search for PDP house of rep. aspirant gathers momentum, it is incumbent upon the party to bend its brain and get the best to fill in the vacant positions.


There is no better time than now for the ruling party to inject someone of proven sterling quality of leadership. Someone that can build bridges and restore the broken relationship that exists courtesy of misapplication of leadership. This is the time for the party to bring onboard someone that can rejig the nation through the deployment of political innovations and shift ground from the old ways to a fresh perspective.


For PDP to continue its journey on the lane of Fame and fortunes in benue state, the party must be placed on the table of value. The party must be seen mending broken confidence and offering opportunities to those who can translate vision into reality.


In light of the above, the aspiration of HON. PRINCE ONUH , who is aspiring to become the next PDP house of rep. aspirant in ENONE constituency, has been widely perceived as the right step in the right direction. The man is full of life, with a huge deposit of humility and an impressive record of academic and political excellence. His political brilliance has added massive value to the growth of PDP and the nation by extension, and it is only wise that the party and its stakeholders across the nation consider his track record and give the young man all the support needed to emerge victoriously.


HON. PRINCE ONUH is an ogbadibo LG chairman who commands and enjoys the respect of many, especially the young people, and it is believed he would bring fresh ideas and move benue state to the genuine #NextLevel.


His decision to become the next PDP house of rep. In ogbadibo, okpokwu & Ado of benue state is sacrosanct therefore I implore indegenious people and it domicile of benue state to key into this ideology as it is the only way out.



HON PRINCE ONUH is the only man that can salvage us from the political crookedness and peasantry in ENONE Constituency.


ONCHE PETER : an advocate of peace and good governance.writes from otukpo.

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