Honourable Alfred Omakwu the Frontline aspirant and the most celebrated Aspirant of Adoka Ugboju state Assembly today declared intentions to run for the Assembly sit. He made his intentions known to the EXCOS of APC from Adoka and Ugboju. The Declaration was held at Entekpa ward hosting all the EXCOS across the Constituency.

Honourable Alfred Omakwu Oketa said he is presenting himself to the people of Adoka and Ugboju as their son and a loyal servant whom have been so Dedicated to the course, and he is willing to make the desired change needed for a better Adoka and Ugboju and this can be made possible if the people unanimously key behind him to achieve this feet.


Hon ene easther state women leader, peanut Ogbaji the zonal Chairman, Godwin Ugboju Chairman elders Forum, ward Chairman Entekpa ward,Mr innocent ochepo,


Honourable Peanut Ogbaji the state Zonal Chairman advice that Honourable Alfred Omakwu Oketa should be up and doing as those contesting for the Election are many,he also pleaded with Entekpa ward to try as much as possible to work hand in hand with Comrade oketa and also promised that the party will make sure that they is a fair playing ground for all Aspirant.He added that he have got a message from the state Chairman Honourable Austin Agada, that the Chairman Austin Agada have sent to encourage Honourable Alfred,that his suffering have been seen and God will reward him in due course and the party is ready to give him a leveling play ground to test his popularity.


The Ward Chairman Ugboju icho Mr Samuel Akpa Abogonye, thanked Honourable oketa for exercising patience all this year’s, he said from the arrangement after Ugboju, Adoka is surpose to carry on and that is why they have every trust in Honourable oketa for progress


Chairman Adoka icho ward, Mr Otu Isaac said Honourable Oketa have suffered so much for the party and the time is now right for him to take the mantle of Leadership.


The Women Leader Adoka icho ward Mrs Oche Yahaya said with Honourable oketa there is hope for women and girl child in Adoka and Ugboju


Women Leader Entekpa ward Fatima Mathew encourage everyone to make sure this mandate is delivered accross party lines.


Mr Samson Edoh Echo speaking unbehalf of the youths, he express satisfaction in all that Honourable Alfred have done and they are willing to follow him day in day out to make sure victory is achieved


Prof. Dickson Akoh said oketa is a loyal party man and if there is reward in the dictionary of the party, the party is surpose to give him express ticket, following the records of his loyalty over the years. And this should be given to him as consolidations.

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