Frankstrings – Winner


Frankstrings a Renowned Celebrity Music, Vocal, and Performance Coach, and C.E.O of Frankstrings School of Music Enugu, Anambra & other States in Nigeria & Abroad Is out with Another Winner Banger titled “Winner” and every ear, home, and street needs this…

This Features stars such as Suchin Singz, Onyi Vocalz, Dallie, and Blue Aprils…

Winner is a song that talks about the struggles of Man and positive words to take all from where they are to Where truly they are meant to be. Early Part life stories of Frankstrings struggles were infused into the song to inspire those in the same shoes he was.


  • Precious Adeshina (for Helping in the Yoruba lyrical structure),
  • Akubig Splendour in London for his Wonderful efforts in the project.
  • Martha Elias,
  • Frankstrings Music Family
  • Supporters & Fans Worldwide.

Listen to Winner and download it below:


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