Godfatherism is never an option, Hon Jimmy Nart


VARYING demographic details on Nigerian youths indicate they are imbued with immense potentials. Those indices show the latent force and capacity the youths possess, which, if unleashed on the political space, can bring about a phenomenal paradigm shift in the country. At least, the #End SARS protests that have spread across states amply demonstrate such latent endowment and strength among the Nigerian youth. Their agitation against the arm of the Nigeria Police code-named SARS and insistence via street protests have forced the authorities to ban it with a renewed promise and commitment by the federal authorities to a holistic reform in the Police.


The emerging thought in the political circle is that the impact of the youths could be far-reaching in politics if they should exert some measure of pressure in the scene. A high level of lethargy to champion well-coordinated demand by the youths for serious and enduring reforms in politics to guarantee good governance and accountability by those given the mandate to manage the patrimony of the entire country is described by some observers as part of the bane of Nigeria.


The young men and women who are needed and now wish to lead a new initiative, must however, have their own means of livelihood and must have excelled in their chosen profession or displayed leadership qualities in one form or another. I have met and read about many, who fit that necessary prescription. We will encourage and support their emergence. They are in the majority and the future of this country is theirs to determine.”


Can the #ENDSARs crusade metamorphose into or give arise to an uprising with the tag #ENDmoneypolitics, vote-trading, undue influence of political godfathers? Hon Jimmy Nart stood for firmness, inclusiveness, youthfulness and boldly thereby making a mark in the last Primary ELECTION and we are proud of him any day any time


God bless akpalakpa world wide

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