Rivers State Governor, Nyeson Wike, has said that his second name is trouble.


He said this on Tuesday afternoon while inaugurating the dualised Ogunbali Road in Port Harcourt.


He said that as a politician, he was never scared, saying, “Trouble is my second name.”


According to him, he promised the youths and women of the area that he would give them N2bn as empowerment.


According to him, it will be paid on Tuesday.


“I am not an ordinary politician who makes promises without fulfilling it,” he added.


He noted that he had won the hearts of his people based on the legacy he had built in the state.

“Because some people went to school very late, they do not understand what I mean when I say I am in charge of this state. I didn’t say I am in charge of votes. But when I talk to my people, they will understand me.

It is true I have just one vote, but based on the services I have rendered, Rivers people will listen to me.

As a Rivers man, I feel very proud. As South-South man, I feel very proud. I have always been consistent in my life, and history is my witness.


He lambasted his enemies, saying and dancing, “As it dey sweet us, e dey pain them.”

Anybody who has not been in Port Harcourt in the past five years should come now. There is revolution in Port Harcourt.”



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