Big Smart’s Unsung Journey To Global Spotligh



By Oriri Peter

Nigeria is not only blessed with mineral resources but also talents. The people are endowed with a variety of talents. Some Nigerians are gifted in literary works, others are blessed and empowered to do better in the entertainment industry. This explains that every Nigerian, humanity, in general, has talent despite the fact that, everyone has a gift hidden in him or her waiting to be harnessed and explore. Only few people pay attention to developing their potential.

Also, discovering and developing talents distinguished people in their various areas of expertise and specializations. These set of people rise above others, they are lionized and the sounds of their deeds are heard from far and near most often it is preserved (via oral, electronic and prinpotential.

Joseph Oche Udeh known as “Big Smart” belong to this group of people. Right from his childhood days, the young chap showed much talent in the entertainment world. Naturally endowed with a mimicking voice that could easily lure people to sleep.

His voice has a soothing tone that could relieve one of psychological problems. Joseph hail from Okpokwu Local Government Area, Benue State, and lived his early life in Kaduna State before he proceeded to Benue State University where he studied Political Science.

Big Smart began his career as a show anchor in Kaduna, As a Master of Ceremony, Smart maintain his uniqueness among his peers and colleagues – always daring to be the best of the best. A master of Ceremony per excellence. This obviously made the sky appear as a starting point as he was fast becoming a sought-after Hype man in the state. In no distant time, he became a renowned MC – a ‘microphone demi-god’ as many referred to him.

More so, inspired by his passion and desire to inject new ideas into the creative industry and be a sort of motivation, inspiration, hope and encouragement to his generation, he began to act. As an actor, Smart sees himself as an Idol (role model) to millions as such he always behaved in a way that suits an idol – a good example.

Later as fate had it, Big Smart Smart moved to Lagos, this decision to relocate to Lagos city – home of Africa Entertainment prove beneficial and made him grow significantly over the years both in experience, stature, and popularity. Sharing the stage with Africa’s biggest entertainers the likes of Wizkid, and 2baba to mention but a few.

Interestingly, Big Smart for the past years has hosted many events and organized block busters events making waves within and outside the boundaries of Nigeria. He has established relationships and association with top finest figures in the industry such as Wizkid, 2baba, Craze Clown and Magnito, Goya Menor etc. Big Smart is placed among the A list entertainers in the country.

In the course of his journey in the entertainment industry, Smart has travel to many countries and visited the following countries as, London, Kenya, Dubai, Oman, Abu Dabi, Ghana, Tanzania, and Ethiopia. Last year he tour Europe among other continents of the World. He’s currently in the United State of America where continued to make Africa proud. Despite his exposure, and decorated career, Smart is humble to the core. This quality, has magnate many fans around him.

Big Smart is the manager of Goya Menor and Goya has been Honored by the US Government on his proclamatory Award. Goya won Afrima, Headies etc through Smart effort. This is commendable.

He act as a Catalyst fastening the development and progress of his people, the creative industry in particular but always sticking to his vision and standard.

In recognition of his efforts in the entertainment industry, he has been honoured with several awards some of which includes Most Emerging Resourceful, And Creative Mc of the Year, Headies Award among others.

The Nigerian star is born with charisma that magnetizes people towards Him. His behavioural style excludes certain qualities that propel admirers around him; Big Smart had these qualities and people locked around him in admiration.

Another quality of Big Smart is his level of determination. His thirst to achieve any goal he set his mind on is unquenchable. The result of this rare quality of his has brought him to be known on the International level.

He’s friendliness and sociability knew no bounds, he is lovely, humble, respectful, and above all a hard-working young man that wake up to the challenges of his time whenever the need arose.

As a Nigerian star making waves globally, he has maintained his African identity, always proud of his root and home; maintaining the African hype against all odds on the global stage, to this, therefore, we could agree that, Big Smart is a sort of inspiration, motivation and a promoter of the African hype. Joseph Oche Popularly called “Big Smart” has a lucid personality, is brilliant as well as enamored and engrossed with love.

He’s recent event in Benue State, “The Energy Concert” which revitalize the entertainment industry of the state is still making waves till now.

Indeed, Smart is the Afro hypeman of Africa.



















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