Being a CEO of an entertainment industry entails a range of responsibilities and roles. Some key duties of a CEO in the entertainment industry may include:


1. Strategic planning: Developing and executing long-term business strategies to enhance the company’s market presence and profitability while ensuring alignment with industry trends.


2. Business development: Identifying and pursuing new growth opportunities, such as partnerships, acquisitions, and diversification into new segments or geographies.


3. Financial management: Overseeing the financial health of the company, including budgeting, cash flow management, and ensuring financial sustainability.


4. Talent management: Attracting and retaining top talent, including artists, performers, writers, producers, and other creative professionals who contribute to the entertainment products or services of the company.


5. Production oversight: Overseeing the production process, including film, music, television, or other relevant content, ensuring quality, cost control, and adherence to established timelines.


6. Marketing and promotion: Developing effective marketing and promotional strategies to increase brand awareness, audience reach, and revenue generation.


7. Legal and regulatory compliance: Ensuring compliance with relevant industry regulations, intellectual property rights, licensing agreements, labor laws, and other legal aspects of running an entertainment company.


8. Industry networking: Building strong relationships with industry stakeholders, including distributors, agents, talent agencies, and other key players to enhance partnerships, collaborations, and distribution channels.


9. Crisis management: Addressing any unforeseen challenges or crises that arise, such as scandals, controversies, or production delays, and implementing effective strategies to mitigate potential damage to the brand or company.


10. Visionary leadership: Guiding the overall direction and vision of the company, anticipating industry trends, and fostering innovation to stay ahead in a competitive entertainment landscape.


Mr Ekeh Adokwu have been up and doing with his entertainment company,the DRAMAHILLS ENTERTAINMENT, offering different opportunities to youths in Otukpo Local Government. The Mr and  miss Otukpo  event is part of the legacy of the DRAMAHILLS ENTERTAINMENT. This have over the years engaged youths positively in different areas of life . They have supported youths to grow in different careers.

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