Idoma born Susan itodo parades John Tsua as governorship candidate


Let me bring to your notice that while the whole Idoma nation agreed to rift power of the Governorship Seat to Zone C; while the Tiv nation are skeptical about contesting the 2023 governorship, and are getting the message loudly from Zone C that it is time for Zone C Governor, and that they could only lobby for Deputy Governor, one of our own from Okpokwu, Hon Ann Itodo Benjamin, a former Sole Administrator of Okpokwu in the first tenure of Gov. Ortom, is busy bringing Aspirants from Zone A and B to Okpokwu, while telling our people that the idea of Zone C Governor will not work. She has brought two Aspirants to Okpokwu, while she arranged a kangaroo decamping for some aggrieved PDP members to prove to her Governorship Aspirants that she is on ground in Eke and Okpokwu. Information gathered has it that she collected money from these Aspirants from Zones A and B, promising them that Okpokwu will be delivered to them in 2023, that in return, she wants to be the House of Assembly Member for Okpokwu State constituency. She is a Daughter of the late Mrs. Maria Aikulola of Okpoga central, who was a two times member of the State Assembly, who also advocated for Zone C Governor during her time at the Assembly, but look what she her daughter is doing now to Idoma nation. She has been sending our discussions to them in Makurdi, so, I removed her from the Benue South 4 Gov. Platform. She might be in other platforms, so, I want u all to know how our own Children are desperate to selling the mandate that the Tiv people are already set to support us after 47yrs! I am bold to saying this because I have countless evidence of her deliberate mischief and painstaking efforts of telling some of our Okpokwu people that they should vote for these Tiv Candidates that she is presenting to them. My dear Elders and Learned Leaders, I think she need to be cautioned against this kind of overbearing and deliberate mischiefs against the Zone C people..


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