Look At What Joe Biden Vows To Do To Muslim In America Once He Becomes President


Look what Biden would do to all Muslims in America if he became President.

As the U.S. government’s trip to the polls proceeds, it appears that Joe Biden is the leading candidate for the office of the next President of the United States.

Biden is now confident of beating Donald Trump after breaking Barrack Obama’s record as the candidate with the most votes in the US elections: Obama’s record is 69,498,516, while Biden is at 71 million and counting.

Joe Biden, who is on the verge of winning the US elections, has made a solemn promise to all Muslims in America, which he promises to keep when he becomes president.

Biden said this to some Muslims, but said that if he became president, he would treat Muslims the same as Christians.

In his word, he said;

“Be proud, be proud, I mean it. When I become President, I will treat Islam like any other faith

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