Breaking! Women Protest Against Fulani Kidnapping & Insecurity in Utonkon, Benue State.


Ufia Women in Utonkon, Ado LGA of Benue State Nigeria took to the streets of Ukwonyo town earlier this morning to protest against insecurity in the community and the activities of suspected Fulani Herdsmen who have continuously perpetrated various crimes in the community since the beginning of 2021.

Sources within the town established that within the month of February alone, over three (3) kidnap cases were recorded in the community and huge amount of money was paid as ransom for the release of the kidnap victims. 

Just a week ago, a woman by the name Mrs. Juliana Enyi was brutally attacked by armed Fulani Herdsmen on her way to the farm at the early hours of Tuesday, 2nd March 2021 and she was severely injured and barely escaped for her life. She is currently receiving medical treatment at General Hospital Otukpo.

The community has been left in fear, hunger and pains as they cannot go out to farms to carry out farming activities which is their major source of livelihood.

Ufia people are peace-loving and accommodating people located in Utonkon, the south-western part of Benue State. Over the years, there have been instances of clashes with Fulani herdsmen whose cattle destroy crops and farm produce. This as often led to meetings between Fulani leaders and the community who resolve the issues amicably. However, it becomes worrisome this year as cases of kidnapping and attempted murder is been carried out by the Fulani herdsmen.

In an attempt to address the security challenges within Ado LGA, there have been series of meetings between the Chairman, security agents, Fulani leaders, traditional rulers and other stakeholders within Ado LGA, but it seems the meetings have not yielded any positive impact as the activities of Fulani herdsmen have continued despite the presence of Military men in the LGA.

As a result of the insecurity in the community, there have been a hike in the prices of commodities as farmers cannot go farms. A tin of Garri which usually sell for 15 – 20 Naira before has become 80 – 100 naira due to the fact that farmers cannot go out to their farms to harvest cassava and process Garri. Many are living in hunger and abject poverty as a result of the activities of the Fulani Herdsmen.

Angered by this unfortunate development, the Women who were most affected by the attacks took to the streets to register their grievances and displeasure at what is happening and also call on the LGA chairman Hon. James Oche, the state Governor Mr. Samuel Ortom and the federal government to come to their aid and ensure security of their lives and properties and make their community safe again.

Find below video recordings of the protests:


  1. This is so severe, the leaders should get on their feets and take the mantle upon themselves as war fronters of the place and stop waiting for the government

  2. Indeed, no matter how weak, silent and humble a dog could be, when push to the wall or follow to his or her house it doesn’t have any other alternative than to fight back.
    This protest is just a call to the government (presidency) to come to our aid as a land, please Nigeria hear our cry.
    Ufia is a land of peace, but most times situation and circumstances determine reaction, thanks.

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