Ochetoha K’Idoma Youth Wing Says No to FG Policy on Reestablishing Grazing Routes.


The subject of the reestablishment of grazing routes have in recent times being on the front burner; a concept that negates the land use act of Nigeria.

The Benue people and by extension the middle belt are known for farming as over 70% are farmers.

The continuous activities of killer herdsmen within the state and the belt of the nation has threatened food security and negatively impacted the economy of the region and state.

The decision of the apex government to reestablish grazing routes is not only anti people but a deliberate move to undermine the unity of this great nation.

We must bear in mind that ranching is the best global practice for rearing cattle’s as open grazing is not only out dated but responaible for the production of low quality beef and milk.

New Zealand, USA and other leading producers of beef have long adopted ranching as best practice globally.

It is important to note that Farmers herders clash have claimed the lives of thousands and its totally unacceptable to promote any policy that would encourage this menace.

The land mass of the Sambisa forest is more than enough to rare the entire cattles in Nigeria, the government may consider that option for establishing “National Nomadic Settlement” at the geographical location of the Sambisa which will tactically eliminate the reoccurring farmers/ herders crisis and reduce it to barest minimum.

It is important to uphold the constitution of our great nation, in doing this; all the federating units must be given their constitutional operation capacities; the anti open grazing law as passed in Benue or other states must be respected.

We wish to appeal to the national assembly to critically x-ray the security situation of the nation viz-a-viz the incessant farmers herders crisis and take a constitutional position on ranching so as to put an end to the rising death toll resulting from farmers/herders crisis.

Lets always keep in mind that our sovereignty as a people supersede any individual, group or ethnic interest.

May “the labour of our heroes past never be in vain”.

Obande Gideon
President General, Ochetoha K’Idoma Youth Wing ( World Wide).

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