This Is Head of the Agency Who Allegedly Called Police to Teargas Protesting Women in Calabar


Attn: Madam Eno Edem …

I understand that you are the General Supervisor at CUDA, and you call the shot especially as it bothers the street sweepers in Calabar.

First, we wish to know why these women are being owed their salaries for as long as 6 months? Who’s owing them –CUDA, or your contractor?

Secondly, if it’s the contractor you engaged, what’s the identity of this contractor? Have you paid the contractor in the first place? What are you currently doing to address this ugly development?

Thirdly, who sanctioned the zombie police officers to manhandle, and teargas the protesting women sweepers? Your office or which other?

Fourthly, why must the women be this embarrassed on Wednesday…? Do you beat a child and ask him/her not to cry?

We need answers Madam Eno Edem…




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