The Frontline aspirant Of the Ohimini State Assembly Honourable Eric Adokwu today declares intention to run for the state Assembly in Idekpa Ohimini Local Government.

The meeting kick started with an opening prayer by Mr Inalegwu JOHN the Organizing Secretary Of the Party.

The Secretary of the Party at the local Government level Mr Muhammad Adama who at a time acted unbehalf of the Chairman before the arrival of the Vice Chairman welcomed all the EXCOS both the Local Government and the ward EXCOS to the meeting, he also welcome the Entourage of Honourable Eric Adokwu to Ohimini. He encourage the EXCOS to try and work with Honourable Eric to achieve the desired success.

Honourable Eric Adokwu thanked the Local Government EXCOS and the ward EXCOS for making out time to be available for the meeting, he apologize for wasting their time as it was due to the meeting ongoing at Zone A.

He made it clear that his intentions is for the betterment of Ohimini and if given the opportunity he will make sure that whatsoever belongs to the people they must get it because he has all his plans on Ground for better representation.

He made it clear that it is now time for Zone B to produce Assembly and they shall work hand in hand with the three wards in the Zone to provide the best candidate for the election without war because politics is a game of interest.

Reacting to the declaration made by Honourable Eric Adokwu , Mr Ogbole Francis the Local Government Party Vice Chairman Ohimini Local Government who came a bit late said victory is from God and Honourable Eric Adokwu is a household name and has all the best qualities to represent at any level given to him.

Alhaji sule Audu who presented Honourable Eric Adokwu to the Party EXCOS said without mixing words that Honourable Eric is the only candidate they are cue-in behind as far as the Assembly Election in Ohimini is concern and any other candidate contesting at the moment has no endorsement from them. He also plead with the EXCOS to please handle his issues with all wisdom.

The women Leader Mrs Elizabeth Egwu who spoke unbehalf of the women, pointed out that the zoning system have already made it clear so they is no need making too much noise, she encourage all women to throw their weight behind Honourable Eric Adokwu because no family in Ohimini can deny that they have not have a share of his benevolence.

Mr Elias Attah speaking unbehalf of the good people of Okpiko said Honourable Eric is the only candidate that was endorse by the good people of Okpiko ward to run for the state Assembly seat come 2023. Okpiko Consist of two wards out of the three wards in Zone B and both wards have come together to adopt Honourable Eric Adokwu as their sole candidate. Agadagba is the third ward and we are waiting patiently to hear from them.

Engineer Francis Ogbanje the secretary to Ohimini Local Government Chairman, after presenting a song he dedicated to Honourable Eric Adokwu, said Honourable Eric has written his name in gold in the hearts of the people of Ohimini and has every support needed to carry on.

Mr Friday Okpe said Honourable Eric Adokwu has every quality to become the Assembly member of Ohimini, and he is willing to take moves to make sure that Honourable Eric succeed.

Some of the persons present at the meeting are :Hon Eche Ogodo, Mr Elvis Omekpa,Mr omadachi Adokwu ,Mr Eche Ijiga,Mr Onuh Ameh ,,Mr Owoicho Onah,Mr Dickson Iduh,Mr Ocheikwu (Treasurer), Mr Okpe Ngbede Mr Okpe Ajembi,Mr Peter Uloko, (publicity secretary) Hon. Sule Audi, hon Tony Abah Mr Elias Attah, Mr Chidi, Francis Ahika, Mr Francis Ogbanje, Inalegwu ijachi, Mr Emmanuel Ameh , Mr Sunday Ujah,Mr Inalegwu JOHN,Mr Gideon Eluma (Legal adviser)Mr Adakole (Auditor)Mr Ella Ogbe (Foxy) local Government EXCOs and all the five statutory deligates each from the ten wards and the Youth leader

They all Pledge their supports and pray for Obobowu to succeed

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