…Suspects, Accomplices Arrested, Others at Large

The illegally profitable business of theft and sale of electrical installations and railway equipment within Ado Local Government and it’s environs has suffered a fatal blow within the out-gone week. Acting on the directive of the Executive Chairman of the Local Government, Mr. James Oche security agencies are said to have undertaken a discrete investigation leading to the arrest of the major kingpins and their accomplice.

Major hideouts, meetings venue and locations for collation of looted equipment used by the suspects have also been uncovered by security agencies.

Information made available to the press by the Security Secretary of the Local Government, Mr. Samuel Obande has it that, the leaders of the Syndicate one Godwin Otse, who is the Central Youth Leader of Igumale known also as Mini Boss and Jonathan Otse Ifere have been arrested and are currently cooling their heels and helping security investigation.

Others arrested in connection with the gold-mine business of criminality are Attah Victor Ifere, Sunday Ochapa , Adire Ogenyi , Onazi Ogaba and Peter Aleh Adikwu an indigene of Ogbadibo LGA who is resident in Makurdi were meticulously traced and picked up by security agencies at different locations.

The arrest of the kingpins and their cohorts our source learnt led to the arrest of other members of the group few hours ago to wit; Samuel Ogaba Otse, Onazi Ochiko, Godwin Otse and Unogwu Godwin while others named are at large and are being pursued by security operatives.

Substantiating on the extent of their criminality, Mr. Obande said they have in recent months turned the rail lines, electric wires and poles as well as cross bars and transformers between Otukpo and Igumale to a multi-million gold mine.

A critical investigation by security agencies also revealed that their collaborators are some highly placed individuals and politicians to whom they serve as thugs while patronage is enjoyed from some highly placed persons, and expatriates including a Chinese National and some staffs of the Nigeria Railway Corporation.

The most lucrative aspect of this crime our source learnt is the removal of rail tracks and clips which investigation revealed a trailer load is sold between 3.5 to 4 Million Naira.

Speaking to other persons who pleaded anonymity, it was revealed that, the boom in this illegal trade of criminality is the bedrock for many other criminalities that have remained perpetual within the axis, maintaining that, young persons were recruited by the day and engaged in other forms of criminality as a test to be introduced into the multi million naira syndicate.

Meanwhile, Ado Local Government Chairman Hon. James Oche has summoned an emergency security meeting which we learnt is not unconnected with this development where critical decisions and steps are to be taken.

The Local Government Chairman has issued an Executive Order for the immediate closure of Esi Hotel by Adiga Road, Igumale and the arrest of it’s Manager for conspiracy and collusion.

The development and it’s brewing tension seems to have restored uncommon calm, sanity and peace among the people of the Local Government in view of the authority’s determination to bring perpetrators to unimaginable book.

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