By: Sam Agebe


The Principal Federal Government Girls College Otobi Otukpo, local government Area Mr Amudipe Gabriel was seen dressed in the school’s Uniform, as an SS3 Student at the Otukpo Main market.

The College which was Established in 1994 by the late Gen. Sani Abacha’s Regime and located in Vandeikya under late Pa Aodooka as it’s pioneer Principal.

In 1997 the School was relocated from Vandeikya to Otobi-Akpa, in Otukpo with Late Mr. S. O Okita as it’s first Principal.


The Current Principal, Mr Gabriel Amudipe upon his assumption, as the 12th principal of the college in 2018, has raised the status of the college from Mocked Glorified community secondary school, to one of the Best amongst the 50 unity Colleges in the Country.


The ever-busy principal, who has made students welfare his priority upon resumption of office made it a mandate, that students get the best of Meals as compared to what they Eat at home.

No wonder he was found around the Otukpo Main market, at 3NS and I Enterprises, shopping for quality goods alongside his head of kitchen.

Which Students could testify as to an improvement in their diet. No wonder they are always the first to resume school and feel bad when the holidays comes.


Mr Amudipe Gabriel’s Arrival as Principal has dramatically and Positively Reversed the narratives, by turning the college into a Construction Site.

Some of his visible Projects includes:


1. Construction of the ultra Modern 200 capacity boys hostel.

2. Completion of the main administrative block

3. Construction of the staff Transit house(Fully air-conditioned)

4. Completion of a 3000 capacity assembly hall with a Theater Facility

5. A complete rehabilitation of the old Science Laboratory, just to mention but few.


Worthy to mention here is the fact that, the Ondo State born philanthropist-Cum Principal has paid School fees for a handful of Students who we’re at the verge of leaving the school due to one problem or the other, ranging from loss of Parents or Guidance.


The naturally very Ebulient Mr Gabriel Amudipe has served at different FGCs,and Ministries which includes

1. Federal Government college, Odogbolu, Ogun State

2. FGC Kabba Kogi State

3. Federal Scholarship Board

4. Federal Minstry of Education

5. FGC Otobi-Akpa Otukpo Benue State.


His Outstanding Performance and Credence brought him to Limelight, as this were the only credentials he needed for the 2016 Presidential Civil Service Merit Award, by President Muhammad Buhari GCFR.


As it is Written in the Holy Writ, No faithful Service Rendered to God and Humanity ever goes unrewarded, this is Evident as to why Mr. Gabriel Amudipe has been adjudged by the Federal Ministry of Education, and Pronounced by the Honourable Minister for Education, Mallam Adamu Adamu as the Best Performing Principal out of the One Hundred and Four (104) Unity Schools in Nigeria.



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