Youths of the nine local governments under the jurisdiction of the Idoma Area Traditional Council of Ado, Ogbadigbo, Okpokwu, Otukpo, Ohimini, Oju, Obi and Apa/Agatu had a robust interactive session with the Paramount ruler of Idoma kingdom at Leach Hotel Otukpo.


The meeting was called by Agaba-Idu who sought to have a parley and face-to-face interface with expanded youths. Recall that a few weeks ago, His Majesty promised to have an expanded meeting with youths across the nine local governments.


His Royal Majesty took the time to lay bare the lofty plans he has for the Idoma nation, especially the youths who Agaba-Idu considers worthy partners in the progress of Idomaland – chief among with is giving the Idoma cultural heritage an institutionalized status worthy of our true standing as a distinct people.


The Royal father said he made this clear when he visited the USA to attend the Idoma Day Convention with his children in America, a forum where His Majesty unveiled plans to create the Idoma Theatre Series aimed at upgrading and archiving our rich cultural experience and heritage.


His Majesty called on the youths to eschew drivers of deliberate malfeasance and those who would readily albeit ignorantly want to put a cog in the wheel of our collective progress, particularly those who ran to town with false alarm that plans are on the way to abolish the beautiful and symbolic Idoma attire.


While His Majesty admires the enthusiasm the Idoma youths defended a cultural totem that is dear to us all, Agaba-Idu enjoined to youths always maximize the application of the four-way test proponents of Rotary Club.




Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned? EMPATHY.


Is it FAIR to all concerned? ACCOUNTABILITY.


Is it the TRUTH? TRUST.’


The Royal Father said applying this test to our daily engagement on the internet and elsewhere would have assumed a profitable filter.


The Och’Idoma, therefore, stated in unambiguous terms that the Council which He chairs has no such plans, stressing that the Council under His reign has only brought a harmonious merging of our two distinct attire which can be used in an umbrella gathering of Igede and Idoma, emphasizing however that on no occasion will anyone be compelled to use either.


The 1st class chiefs of the four wind of the Idoma nation were all present at the parley and all corroborated the need for unity and progress of Idoma, with a unanimous confirmation that the idea was serially discussed and debated in the council with them all seeing the need for this distinct totem of demonstrated unity between the Idomas and the Igedes.


Youth leaders took turns responding to the ongoing conversation.


Taking the lead was Comrade Obande Gideon, President Ochetoha K’Idoma worldwide. Upon mounting the podium, the global youth leader of Idoma went to their knees to apologize on behalf of all Idoma youths who were ignorantly pushed to talk down on the throne which is our highest symbol of native authority. He decried the fall in moral decadence as he recalled that the Idoma child and indeed adult is not known to be disrespectful and condescending to leaders on all fronts. He, therefore, calls on the youths of Idoma nation to turn a new leave and become worthy ambassadors of our rich culture and tradition, acknowledging that both are transient, dynamic, and evolving hence young persons should open their minds to new possibilities.


Comrade Anderson, youth leader of Igede worldwide equally went on his knees to apologize to HRM on behalf of all Igede youths who might have pointed the throne in error and sort the forgiveness of the Royal father, which His Majesty gave without hesitation.


Youths after youths came, they apologized and eulogized the King. They said they have never envisaged that that day will come when Idoma would have a father who considers the youth worthy to come to discuss the Idoma nation unity and advancement – the excitement could not be concealed and they all left the gathering with one voice and resolute belief that our KING is ordained by God Almighty.


Onuminya Samuel Odoba

Chief Palace Scribe & Media

Aide to HRM Och’Idoma V



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