Rep Ottah Agbo Commends Judiciary for Standing for Democracy




Rep Ottah Agbo Commends Judiciary for Standing for Democracy


…Dedicates Victory to God & the long suffering Enone people


…Calls on Members of His Constituency to Join Him to win the General Elections


… Calls on His Supporters to be Magnanimous in Victory


… Extends Olive Branch to his opponents


The Honourable Member representing Ado/Ogbadibo/Okpokwu Federal Constituency, Dr. Francis Ottah Agbo has expressed satisfaction with the judgment of the Appeal Court sitting in Abuja which

ordered the withdrawal of the Certificate of Return given to his main contender in the PDP primary, Barrister Aida Nath Ogwuche, and be given to him.


The Lawmaker, popularly known as the Ubagidi of Enone in a statement by his Media Adviser Mr. Andrew Agbese, said the judiciary has lived up to its name as the last hope of the common man.


The Lawmaker dedicated his victory at the Appellate Court to God and the long suffering people of Enone and called on all Members of his constituency to Join hands with Him to win the General Elections


The Appeal Court in Abuja had disqualified the candidacy of Ms Ogwuche on grounds that she did not resign her appointment with the public service before contesting the primary of the PDP.


The Ozigizaga and Moving Train of Enone, Dr. Ottah Agbo appealed to his supporters to be magnanimous in victory


He said having fought the military as a journalist for the return of democracy, it was incumbent on him to take every measure to safeguard democracy, which he noted was responsible for going to court in the first place!


“Yes, I went to court after the primary election of the PDP but it was not purely for personal gains but to ensure that the proper things are done to safeguard our democracy.


“I’m happy that the court has agreed with me that a dangerous precedent would have been set if a public servant is allowed to dabble into politics and be a contestant in a primary election without first resigning from office as clearly spelt out in both the Electoral Act 2022 and the 1999 Constitution as amended.


“So today it is not only a victory for Francis Ottah Agbo and PDP but a victory for democracy and the rule of law.”


The Honourable Member extended the Olive Branch to his opponents, saying they should take the development as an act of God and have faith, knowing that it is only God that gives power.


He said, “Like I have always said, I have no human enemies to fight. My enemies are poverty and underdevelopment. So let’s join hands to improve the lot of our people by ensuring continuity in our constituency..”

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