Please meet a very beautiful, humble, hardworking, generous to a fault and very rare to find Benue sister making the Benue image proud and deserving Benue Achievers Award and Certificate for Excellence in the Hospitality and Hotel industry and most surely you will connect to her Success story and be inspired.


Q1 B.A.M;-Ma,it’s a great pleasure meeting you,can we know your full names and which local government area you are from in Benue State?


Lillian Elakeche Ofie;-Its really nice meeting you too. My names are Lilian Elakeche Ofie and I am from Ohimini local government area of Benue State.


Q2 B.A.M;- Are you married?;if yes to whom and how many children do you have?


Lillian Elakeche Ofie;-Yes,I am married to Mr Raphael Ofie and we have four lovely children.


Q3 B.A.M- What are your Academic Qualifications?


Lillian Elakeche Ofie;-I studied and acquired a Diploma in Hotel and Catering Management at Benue State Polytechnic then later proceeded outside the country for a Degree and Masters in Hospitality Management.


Q4 B.A.M- What motivated and inspired you to get involved with the Hospitality and Hotel Industry?


Lillian Elakeche Ofie;-The Hospitality industry allows you to develop yourself professionally and as a person. One of the biggest parts of working in this field is the sense of appreciation you get from those around you. It’s always warming to hear how you’ve made someone’s day.


Q5 B.A.M- Your Name is a household Brand! How have you been able to achieve this?


Lillian Elakeche Ofie-Yes I’ll say by God’s grace first,then Passion,Hardwork and Patience in dealing with people and situations.


Q6 B.A.M- How has your journey in the Hospitality and Hotel Industry been? Has it been all rosy along the way? Did your family and friends encourage you?


Lillian Elakeche Ofie;-Yes my parents supported me but it wasn’t rosy at the beginning. I found it difficult at the OND level but as I proceeded for further studies,my understanding of the field became easier.


Q7 B.A.M;- Are you involved in any other Humanitarian and Charity Support/Aid Training programme? In view of your involvement in the popular Echija Cultural Carnival and Sponsorship of the Obaganya Youths who won the last 2021 Edition.


Lillian Elakeche Ofie;- Yes I groom a lot of youths that want to go into Hospitality Industry. And I love cultural activities so I sponsored Obaganya Youths in the Echija Cultural Carnival which they won. I love the girl child education so I sponsored over 50 individuals to school and some many others to learn handwork.


Q8 B.A.M- What words of Mentorship or Encouragement do you have for those who look up to you and wish to get involved in the Hospitality and Hotel Industry?


Lillian Elakeche Ofie;-Please have the passion and be ready to face negative comments. Then be patient and always remember that people will forget what you said,they will forget what you did,but they will never forget how you made them feel!


Q9 B.A.M- What is your advice to the Benue State Government for Entrepreneurship development?


Lillian Elakeche Ofie;-The Benue State Government should equip the Youths with skills and if possible establish a catering school in Benue State.


Q10 B.A.M How do you relax and enjoy your leisure time?


Lillian Elakeche Ofie-I read novels,play tennis,swim or just walk around my farm,then also I love to explore new adventures.


Q11 B.A.M;- What is your favourite food?


Lillian Elakeche Ofie-Pounded yam and Okoho soup.


Q12 B.A.M;- What are your likes?


Lillian Elakeche Ofie;Sincerity, Honesty, Accountability and diligence.


Q13 B.A.M;-What are your dislikes?


Lillian Elakeche Ofie;-Excuses and lateness.


Q14 B.A.M;-What is your favourite fashion wear?


Lillian Elakeche Ofie;Traditional wears.


Q15 B.A.M;- What is your fantasy vacation spot?


Lillian Elakeche Ofie;-Tahiti.


Q16 B.A.M;-If you had to do one great thing before you leave Earth what would you like to achieve?


Lillian Elakeche Ofie;-To have a Tourist hotel in Benue State.


Q17 B.A.M;-Ma,we know you have received lots of International and Nationally but what is your feeling in been honoured with Benue Achievers Award and Certificate for Excellence?


Lillian Elakeche Ofie;-Amazing Really! I am really happy and feel honoured to be recognised for Excellence which in all humility I consider well deserved.


Q18 B.A.M;-What words of Counsel or Advice do you have for the Management-Organising Committee of Benue Achievers Magazine and Awards event?


Lillian Elakeche Ofie-I will advice you guys keep doing what you are doing and I compliment your efforts at going underground and making researches for those deserving of Benue Achievers Award,May God bless you all.

Thank you so much ma’am for giving us your invaluable time,it has been a most interesting time with you. We once again congratulate you on your honour of Benue Achievers Award and we continue to wish you best in all your endeavours. God bless you greatly ma.


Lillian Elakeche Ofie;-You are most welcome and I sincerely have enjoyed myself as well, thank you.

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