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At a colourful event in Abuja on the 10th of July 2023, Nigerian serial entrepreneur and philanthropist, Peter Adejoh, was conferred with an award of sustainable Development Goals Ambassador in recognition of his entrepreneurship and Philanthropic work towards humanity. The award was presented to him by HRH Ochidoma Agabaidu.


Through his Camey & Rock Holdings, Adejoh’s businesses are in banking, fintech, and real estate, with hospitality being one of his latest industries of interest.

The awarding entities and co-organisers of the event said Adejoh was recognized for his leadership in the private sector as well as for his commitment to community development causes.

The Peter Adejoh Foundation is providing young entrepreneurs with mentoring and training as a platform for engendering economic wellbeing and fostering peace in communities..

During his acceptance speech, Adejoh spoke of the need for peace in Nigeria, advocating national integration instead of accentuation of division along ethnic and religious lines. Nigeria is a multi-ethnic society, although three of the ethnic groups – Hausa-Fulani, Yoruba, and Igbo – are dominant. The country’s population is also approximately split down the middle among Christians and Muslims, although other religions and atheism are also practiced in accordance with the constitution which guarantees citizens’ religious freedom.

“We have to live together in peace and harmony and remove the emphasis on the things that divide us,” Adejoh said “If you are poor, you are poor; if you are rich, you are rich, your ethnicity does not matter. Neither does it matter if you’re Christian, Muslim or of any other religion,” he declared.

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