The much anticipated 2023 General Elections have come and gone, the people have spoken through their PVCs and the wishes of the people have prevailed; winners have emerged and those who lost, are in the recovery phase, healing from the trauma of losing. However, there is no Victor and no Vanquish.


Therefore, I congratulate all those who participated in the just concluded 2023 general elections in Benue State, for their courage to participate in the elections. They all have written their names in history and history will be kind to them for their attempt and efforts to contribute to our nascent democracy and deepen democratic governance in our dear state (Benue) and Nigeria at large.


For those who won their elections into various positions, it is important to note that the time for anxious politicking is over, it is now time to settle down and assess the last four or eight years, as the case may be, of those who were in those offices, to identify what they did right and what they didn’t do right, to help you strategize for the tasks ahead.


What is of utmost importance and very critical to everyone at this juncture, is the development of the state, therefore, it is not a time to think about settling personal vendetta with perceived political enemies, but a time to welcome and bring everyone with good ideas that will bring development to the state onboard. Hence, I urge all the winners to exhibit the spirit of good sportsmanship and mend broken fences, as well as, work with those who are on the other side of the divides and willing to work collaborately with the elected for the development of the state.


At this juncture, I wish to advise the elected to learn from history because there are so many lessons to learn from the elections and do what is expected of them as at when due. Many of those who lost their re-election bid made some mistakes that resulted in their lost to those of you who won, hence, those mistakes shouldn’t be seen with you, it should rather be converted into strength and opportunities for you to meet the needs of the people.


Try as much as you can to be in touch with your people, if possible, conduct “Need Assessment” of what your people want and try to live up to their expectations because there are so many expectations on you to perform. Let your presence be felt across board, irrespective of those whom you perceived supported you or not.


Always remember that legitimate power resides with the people and political awareness/consciousness is very high now, therefore, if you fail to perform up to the expectations of the people, your second term won’t be guaranteed if you have plans of re-contesting election after your first four years in office.


I wish all the newly elected successful years in office. Once again, congratulations on your victory at the poll!




Apostle of Truth!

From: Igwu-Akor Autonomous Community, Orokam.

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