Open Letter to The Governor Elect, Benue State, Rev Father Hyacinth Alia


Congratulations on your success in last Saturday’s House Assembly and Gubernatorial Elections in Benue State.
BENUE state has never been blessed with Leaders who have the Interest of BENUE People at heart!
I will not mentioned names but I will make Reference to some few past leaders.

The man that handed over to your predecessor was once named Mr Infrastructure or Mr Project during his 1st term but turn a new leave in his second Tenure.

Your predecessor use his mistakes as a Campaign strategy and won and today he will be leaving Benue Worst than he came.

Sir, My Governor Elect, BENUE state is already blessed with so many Natural Resources and I believe in you and trust You can Make Benue great again!
You can make History and write your name on a platter of Gold with God on your side
Let BENUE money be for Benue Development and not for any political God-Father’s selfish wish.
Please let no political stooge use you in Benue State Sir.

Let every One Naira coming to BENUE work for the Advancement of Benue.
Our Benue, Our Pride can be Great again.
Let’s go Back to the days Where our water Boards are functional and Working.

Let’s go Back to our Benue where our Internal Road Networks are constantly taken care of regardless of what Zone we come from.

Let’s go Back to where there is equitable distribution of offices across all political zones in Benue State.

Let’s go Back to the days where Workers are paid when due! Prove the past two Governors wrong with prompt payment of Workers salary’s!
Let’s go Back to the days where we can move freely from Makurdi to Otukpo to Gboko to Katsina-ala to Ogbadibo and all sections of the state as one state with no fear of security breach.

My dear Governor Elect, please put the fear of God in your heart and embrace true Governance in Benue.

I don’t believe in looking at past Mistakes which is the Number one problem Nigeria is facing as a nation (Blame Game).

Judgement and punishment for Sins belong to God and not man, you are a man of God and you know the only one responsible for sinners punishment!
Forgive, Forgot and put the God of Restoration in front of all you do sir.
There can be no development where there is no Peace and Love!
With our prayers to God in heaven Benue will be great again.
God bless Benue State
Long Live the Governor Elect

Owoicho Odaudu

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